VSC Finance

The name of company is VSC FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED. This company is a private company within the meaning of SECTION 2 (35) AND 3(1) (iii) of the COMPANIES ACT, 1956. VSC finance private Limited is a non – Banking finance company, carry on the business on Non-Baking financial Institution without accepting public deposit.

Company was Registered under section 45 I A of the Reserve bank of india ACT,1934. This company was also Registered under Registrar of companies of Madhya Pradesh and chhattisgarh under section 18(3) of companies Act, 1956. To assist in financing of all and very kind and description of hire purchase or deferred payment description of
hire purchase or deferred payment or similar transaction.
To or assist in subsidising or finance the sales, purchase, import , export and maintenance of good articles or commodities of all and every kind . To carry on the business of financier without accepting public deposits. The main object to be pursued by the company on its incorporation or to carry on the business of finance by lending money for short term loanin a very easy method with or without security especially to small and medium enterprise,
business person or bodies upon such terms and conditions as the company may think fit and proper.
The main intention of VSC Finance Pvt. Ltd. is to promote various entrepreneurs of business class by financing/lending short term lone without security in a very easy method and such loan repayment by borrowers on daily/weekly basis small cash instalment, which collect by company self from borrowers. So that the business entrepreneurs can remain self dependent and can be able to compele in the market without any hassle.
So, this scheme would be helpful to all business class or entrepreneurs who need immediate financial assistance time to time to ran their business.