The ‘Mercedes Financial Services Platform’ is coming to Windows 10

Posted September 12, 2018 09:10:12Microsoft has announced that it is developing its own version of its popular financial platform, which will make it easier for financial professionals to use its new Windows 10 operating system, the company announced today.

The financial service provider, which is a subsidiary of Microsoft, is now using its own Windows 10 mobile operating system called Microsoft Edge to make it easy for financial firms to use the financial service platform, Microsoft Edge CEO and co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Matt Russell said in a blog post today.

It is also rolling out an “Edge on the Web” version of the platform, enabling financial firms, which are already using the platform for business, to quickly access its data and data-driven insights on a desktop or laptop computer.

Microsoft Edge on the Internet is available on the Windows 10 Mobile device store.

Microsoft is also working on an enterprise version of Microsoft Edge that will allow financial professionals and others to use Microsoft Edge for work and to manage their financial assets and transactions.

Microsoft said it is already using Microsoft Edge on its enterprise Windows 10 platform to provide financial services to its financial services customers, including its partners and partners of other firms, and also to provide more robust solutions to help clients manage their finances.

Microsoft will also make it possible for financial institutions to easily integrate Microsoft Edge into their own financial apps.