Analyst salary: $174,000 per year

Financial analyst salaries in the US are rising fast, with some firms announcing salary increases in excess of $175,000, according to a new report from PayScale.

The number of analysts earning more than $200,000 is on track to reach its highest level since the start of the recession, the data firm reported, citing a new survey of US employees.

The survey also showed that in the last year, the average analyst earned $174.38 per hour, up from $173.60 last year.

That compares to the previous year, when the average hourly rate for analysts was $170.96.

PayScale said that analysts’ compensation was the most varied among major financial firms, with the average salary range at $180,000 to $205,000.

However, pay increases are typically driven by performance, with analysts at companies like Citigroup, Wells Fargo and Goldman Sachs seeing their salaries rise most dramatically.

“We’ve seen that the pay of analysts at financial firms has risen by an average of $50,000 annually in the past five years,” said John Bower, the CEO of PayScale, in a statement.

“And the average compensation for a bank analyst is also on track for its highest pay level since 2008.”

In addition to salaries, the report showed that analysts were also in demand for a wide range of jobs, ranging from sales and marketing to financial analysts, and even accounting and legal professionals.

Bower noted that the survey found that more than half of analysts were paid between $50 and $100 an hour, and that in some cases, salaries were paid by the number of hours worked.

He said that although analysts are paid based on hours worked, this doesn’t necessarily translate into an average hourly wage.

The average analyst salary has increased by more than 1,000 percent in the three years that PayScale has been tracking compensation data.

The median compensation for financial analysts rose by about 7 percent, from $144,000 in 2014 to $161,000 last year according to the survey.

The average salary for accounting and law professionals rose by more by about 10 percent, to $175.56.

Bowers also noted that there are some firms that are paying their analysts more than double what they were previously paid.

“As more analysts have graduated, they’ve also seen a more aggressive pay increase,” he said.