Volvo is launching an independent financial advisory team

Volvo is preparing to launch a new financial advisory unit, which will focus on the financial needs of independent investors.

The team will have a “robust, broad range of expertise”, according to a release from Volvo, and will work with investors, advisers and investors to identify and advise on the most important areas.

In addition to the independent advisory group, Volvo has said it will launch a global advisory group of other financial institutions and investment groups, with Volvo offering financial advice on a range of industries.

“We have been building a team to offer investment advice to clients in the areas of healthcare, pension funds, real estate, technology and media,” Volvo said.

“These firms are looking for a diverse and experienced group to help them build a stronger team.”

Volvo’s new advisory group will be responsible for identifying and advising on the areas where it believes independent investors are in short supply.

Volvo said it would also provide a range for independent investors, with financial advice and investment research.

Volvos investment advisory group is being established in conjunction with Independent Financial Advisers of Australia (IFAA), an organisation that aims to improve the financial literacy of Australians.

“Our new advisory team will help us identify and highlight the areas that could help independent investors to maximise their returns,” Volvo chief executive officer Anders Hedberg said.

Volkswagen AG said its investment advisory unit will help clients and institutions identify and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of financial products.

“The Volkswagen Investment Advisory Unit will help our clients identify, identify and recommend investment products which are suitable for their needs and financial needs,” Volkswagen said in a statement.

“This will help them achieve greater financial independence through a broad range, of investment products.”

Volkswagon also said it was opening an independent advisory business to help fund its investment in automotive and mobility companies.

“Volkswagens investment advisory business will serve as a way to build a more diversified and effective portfolio,” the statement said.

Volkswoing investment advisory, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of VW, said it planned to invest $200 million in companies that could provide services in the automotive industry.