What’s next for JP Morgan & Co.?

LONDON — JP Morgan has asked the European Union to require that all of its clients comply with a set of rules that are intended to curb the risk of rogue bankers who may have used their positions to manipulate the market.

The request comes after the U.K. voted to leave the European Central Bank, the largest lender in the bloc, in favor of a more open and less powerful currency and the prospect of a future closer relationship between London and Paris.

In its letter, the European Commission said in a statement that it is considering a request from JP Morgan for a new set of anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism rules that will be developed in consultation with the European Banking Authority.

The commission said that JP Morgan’s proposal is in line with its existing efforts to ensure that the financial system can remain safe, secure and transparent.

JP Morgan’s request for a rule-making process has come amid the political turmoil that has gripped Europe and the United States in the wake of the Paris attacks, which left 129 dead.

Since then, the U-turn by the U, U.S. and European powers on key measures to curb terrorism has sparked concerns among bankers and financial experts about the future of the financial services sector.

JP Morgan said that it would consider a request for further time, saying that it had a good understanding of the process and its impact on the bank.

“While it would be premature to say that any of our proposals have been implemented, the Commission has not ruled out the possibility of the proposal in the future,” the bank said in the statement.

A spokesperson for the EU Banking Authority declined to comment.

The ECBA said in its statement that the request “will be considered on the basis of the Commission’s work with the banks in light of the European Parliament’s resolution and the views of other Member States.”

The Commission’s request comes as the U., U. and EU leaders meet in Brussels to discuss the Brexit vote and to discuss their future relationship.