When the Lexus SUV is a gift from Lexus

It has become a new and unusual part of our daily lives.

We can’t get enough of them.

So, when the Lexuses SUV is delivered in the mail, it’s a rare and special moment, and one that’s often accompanied by a very special surprise.

The delivery truck is a Lexus vehicle, a gift to our homes and lives.

So what makes it special?

Read moreThe Lexus’ first official customer is the Australian government, who had a lot of fun sending the first Lexus to Australia.

They even got to drive it for the first time.

“The delivery truck driver had a really good time,” Lexus CEO Michael Bonner said in a press release.

“It was an absolutely amazing experience and we’re so proud of him.”

Lexus also wanted to give the driver a surprise for Christmas.

“We were thinking, what’s the next best thing?

So we had the driver come to the car and sit in the driver’s seat,” said Bonner.

“He was quite excited about it.”

Lexus says the first few deliveries will be a mix of two types of cars: SUVs and compact SUVs.

It says the new SUV will be “the best in class” and the compact SUV will come with a 7-inch touchscreen and a 3,000-rpm automatic transmission.

Lexus says that while the SUVs are currently the most popular choice, the new compact SUV is the most likely to be used in the future.

“In order to meet demand, we’re introducing a new generation of the Lexusa SUV,” said Paul O’Connor, CEO of Lexus Australia.

“The new Lexus is the best in its class and its performance is at the forefront of the industry.

We’re delighted to have the Lexuas delivered to our communities.”

The Lexuses first delivery to a community was in January 2018, and it’s been on a steady decline ever since.

The first Lexuses to arrive in Australia were delivered in February 2017, and the number of SUVs has fallen by more than half.

“Lexus will be delivering all-new vehicles, including all-wheel drive, to local communities from the beginning of 2018,” said O’Brien.