How to buy and sell sports tickets in Canada

The NFL has announced a new rule that could impact the sale of tickets to the Toronto Raptors.

The NFL is requiring teams to have a minimum of two sales representatives.

The new rule will apply to all of the teams.

The New York Jets, who were originally scheduled to host the Raptors on Sept. 18, will be the only team without a sales rep.

The Toronto Raptors, which will be hosting the Miami Heat on Sept 24, will also be without a representative.

The rule is expected to have an impact on ticket prices for the game.

The league has previously said it wants teams to sell tickets through its ticketing platform, which requires teams to get permission from their home teams to use the ticketing site.

Ticket prices have been a sticking point in the NBA.

Fans have said that the league’s new policy would lead to an increase in ticket prices, which could affect a team’s ability to compete in the playoffs.

Ticket brokers say that it is not likely to impact the NBA’s ability with ticket sales, but will impact their ability to sell ticket inventory.

The Raptors announced in January that they would be selling season tickets through their ticketing system, but that process will not take place this season.

The team’s owner and CEO, Dan Gilbert, told The Associated Press in January they are “still in the process” of determining if the new sales agreement will be in place this year.