Skopos bank apologizes for ‘gross negligence’ on account of bad loans

Skopo, the Slovenian bank that went bankrupt last year, has apologized for the “gross negligence” of its “gross” loans.

The bank’s president, Radek Rasko, told Business Insider that the bank’s staff failed to make timely payments to the customers, and that its “financial team did not properly oversee the banking activities” of the bank.

Skopostanbank said in a statement that it is “very sorry for the gross negligence” that led to its bankruptcy.

The lender also said that it will make “significant changes” in its operations.

Rasko was the bank CEO at the time of the bankruptcy.

“Skopos is deeply sorry for gross negligence that resulted in the financial failure of its clients,” Skopoes statement read.

“The bank is now working to implement significant changes that will be implemented in the coming weeks.”