Toyota FINANCE PAYMENT forgOTTEN by USER, a crowdfunding campaign launched by US car company Toyota in September 2015, has been the subject of a lawsuit.

The lawsuit filed in a California court claims that the company owes $6.8 million to the US government, and that it is “not the true owner” of the vehicle that was hacked.

According to the lawsuit, Toyota paid the federal government $3.9 million for the hack and the US authorities $2.9 billion.

The suit alleges that the money owed to the government came from “investment proceeds”, not from the purchase of the stolen vehicles, as is claimed by the US carmakers.

It further claims that “tort and fraud” have been committed by Toyota and other US car companies, and the company has failed to compensate the government for the losses.

The US government did not respond to requests for comment.

In a statement, Toyota said it “remains committed to helping customers recover from this incident” and “is taking swift action to recover any funds that may have been stolen”.

The lawsuit claims that Toyota had no choice but to reimburse the government in order to keep the cars from being stolen, which would have amounted to $2 million.

However, Toyota claims that it was able to recover the money from the US Government for a total of $6 million.

The company also says that it “has fully cooperated” with the investigation, adding that it has “exchanged information” with law enforcement and will “continue to cooperate” with investigations into the incident.