Bank of America hires investment banker to work on financial technology

A bank of America executive has been hired to work as a “financial analyst” at the bank, where he will help oversee its financial technology efforts.

The move follows a recent hire that focused on financial analytics.

The new financial analyst will work for the bank’s Investment Banking division, the company said in a statement.BAC Capital, the hedge fund manager who has been instrumental in the bank building up its hedge fund portfolio, has also been looking for a financial analyst for several months.

The company said the new hire will focus on helping clients manage their investments.

This is the third such hire for the Bank of American’s Investment Bank division in recent months.

In January, Bank of the West was named the recipient of the prestigious Ernst & Young Innovation Award.

It will also receive a $10 million prize from the Financial Services Innovation Fund.

Bank of America, which is owned by the New York-based investment bank JPMorgan Chase, is one of the largest U.S. banks.

It’s a subsidiary of JP Morgan Chase & Co.